domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

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Hello Everybody
Today I will talk about my chinese horoscope for this year.
So... Acording to this webpage my chinese horoscope is "The Horse", but I always thought that my chinese horoscope is the goat.
Anyway let's go how is the horse?
The horse is the seventh position in the chinese horoscope, some general characteristic are: energy, enjoy the nature, happy, honest, frienly and extremely intelligent, but the horse likes being the center of attention.
In the health field, the horses are very healthy. I like to do sports in the open air. I don't like to running, for example I prefer the bike ride, also other sport like playing soccer, volleyball, tennis or table tennis.
In the work area, the horse prefer jobs where they needed to speak or interact whit other people. For example: Guide of tourist, translator, publicist or sales representative. I desagree with this characteristic, this is because i don't have personality, I prefer to talk to some people, who speak in public. I don't like being locked in an office, that's why I chose geogragy as my career, cause contains two forms of work, both within an office and outside.
In the relationship area, the horses are spontaneous and their relationships are exhausting, but are stronger and more stable later in life.
i believe that this is correct, because I know other horses and they live love with passion and commitment, there characterist leave the horse exhausted
Finally... I'm a metal horse, and this type of horse prefers to be a freedom, makes better friends than partners... Yes this description is true and I very agree....

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