lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Hornitos =)

My Favourite Beach

Hi Geobloggers!!!

Today I will talk about my favourite beach in Chile!!! =)

Yes in Chile, because have other favourites beachs as “Playa del Carmen” and “Cancun” in Mexico or “Copacabana” in Brazil. =D

Well, my favourites beachs to find in the north of Chile, mainly in the seconds and third region. Hornitos, located in the second region and Virgin Beach, located in the third region.

I love this places because are magical, beautiful and mystic. They are perfect place for the romantic appointment!!!

Hornitos is my prefer beach, because are located a 1:30 hour of Antofagasta. Their white sand and warm water, make the place perfect for the company with all families.

The first time in the beach, was with my family in the summer ‘94. Really I don´t like the place, because was very hot, but as the days, I fell in love this beach.

I like this beach because is located in a beautiful desert landscape, the water have a great temperature and because is a beach whit no much lot of people.

Beyond all doubt I hope to return to this magic and beautiful beach, with another people, because places so attractive like this deserve to be share.

Actually, I haven´t been to go the Hornitos, but my family were in the last summer.

From this moment if you pretend visit the Antofagasta Region. Hornitos must be one of yours tourist destination.

See you next class


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  1. I don't know Hornitos beach, but I will like to know it!! :)